Friday, October 22, 2010

new semester

many people ask me..
"why dun go and get a girlfriend?? "
my answer: i cant exactly know i will really love the girl or not..and y i still go and chase a gal?
for me..i will defense against anything that come into my life just because i scare i might get hurt again..
i am not affordable to lose anything from what i currently what for i expect something more than my life? isn't it?
that is my conclusion for my life recently..

i want money
i want good result
i want good job
i want luxury life
i want high salary
i want secure my future
i want to have better future life
those are things that i want now~
i dun know about future..
but for is what i want~

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

recent post

this few day start to free a bit already
coming to the end of year2 sem1, i learn a lot
i learnt how to look people,
i learnt people doesn't treat you well for no reason,
i learnt the black side of people,
i learnt how others manipulate you by showing their fake-ness towards you,

seriously, it is alot.
the longer u knew someone, the more u will feel how they used their fake-ness to manipulate you

Looking people around me, i always think of why those people like to do so?
they think it is fun? or god send them to make our life more "interesting"?
but anyway, i am not getting involve in it.

time files
i grows as well
i know what i want in the future
i know little improvement or hardship might change my whole life
i had been made so many decision before come to this stage
but there are "something" that i will not get involve in it again

process of life changes people
hardship makes people clear about path to goal
i know where i should go and i am going to it

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

final exam

seriously i fed up in this final exam
i have no idea i will done it with such a unconfident feel and without some subject can score
i am so wonder is it utar level too high o i am jz toooo stupid to flow art stream subject
i never study so hard before for a exam before..even spm o foundation
really fed up..
hope i dun fail any of my subject..haiz...
i remember before exam something happen on me..
i burst out with her..i have no idea wat she is thinking
i have no idea y she wan treat me like tat..
i have no idea wat actually happen to us even i cant jz ask her how are u..
i dun noe is it we have some misunderstanding o whatevesoever
i truely wish u to be happy and...
anyway..i still hope we can be normal friend..just a normal friend with normal chatting normal talking normal msn..i won over than tat..but if u dun wan..i won force u as well..
just take care and do well in whatever u do..

Monday, August 31, 2009


真的很down 咯。。。

Sunday, August 16, 2009


tmr going back kampar study le...
everything keep changing
as i growing up..i find many thing is out of my control..out of control of keep changing..
until i cant accept the changing..
until i shock of the changing..
but i noe..
i am also changing..